CSR Label

CSR accreditation : “Foyer wants to ensure a better future"

Foyer is always looking for ways to improve. The company met the criteria of the Luxembourg Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (INDR) and was therefore able to renew its “Socially Responsible Company" accreditation in September 2015 for a period of three years.
Of the 100 companies that have received the accreditation so far, Foyer is the only insurer to have obtained and renewed its certification .

This award is a testament to the Group's commitment to CSR.
In the corporate world, sustainable development comprises three pillars:

Social: social consequences of the company's activity on all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, local communities and civil society.

Environmental: compatibility of the company's activity with preservation of ecosystems, analysis of the impacts caused by the company and its products in terms of consumption of resources, production of waste, pollution, etc.

Economic: financial performance as well as capacity to contribute to the economic development of the company's local community and stakeholders, compliance with the principles of fair competition.

CSR Committee
Foyer Group has also created a committee that meets on a regular basis to structure, formalise and develop the Group's CSR approach, with a view to creating shared values.