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Stagiaire au sein d'une équipe volante
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Junior Compliance Officer (H/F)- CDD
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Juriste Généraliste (H/F)
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Conseiller en Indemnisation Specific Claims (H/F)

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Historically the leading player on the local insurance market, Foyer serves a local customer base of families and businesses, offering bespoke and high-return insurance solutions to help them plan with peace of mind for their own future, or that of their loved ones or their business.
The latest addition to the Group, Foyer Global Health combines the strength of a large company with the flexibility of a start-up resolutely geared towards digital.

Through a network of European brokers, it offers international health insurance solutions for expatriate individual and professional customers.
A key player in the wealth insurance sector, specialising in developing bespoke solutions for life insurance and endowment policies for almost 30 years.

WEALINS is active in nine European markets, and supports a wealthy customer base, structuring, preserving and transferring their assets in a privileged tax environment.
With offices in three European countries for the last 30 years, CapitalatWork Foyer Group offers high-performance long-term wealth management solutions, mainly to high net worth individuals.

It ensures it invests only in carefully analysed assets that meet strict quality criteria, to build a relationship of trust with its customers.