Our values, the DNA shared by all our employees.

Today, Foyer Group has 800 employees that operate in a multicultural environment and contribute to meeting the commitment to quality and expertise that we have made to our clients.

Driven by common values - Trust, Integrity, Excellence, Independence and Innovation - we seek to incorporate them into our daily actions in order to analyse, anticipate and guarantee solutions that benefit everyone.

It is by supporting our employees in developing their skills and giving everyone the opportunity to innovate that people flourish and ideas germinate.

Our Group is committed to its clients, its employees and society in a broader sense.

Our values

We are convinced that what gives a company the most movement (and the best movement) are the women and men who make it up. Foyer’s agility, pragmatism and client focus are underpinned by our 1,400+ employees and agents, all of whom are united around five cardinal values.
Trust is preserved, shared and built continuously with all our partners for everyone’s benefit. It binds us together over the long term.

Being honest means seeing things as they are, even if they are not favourable to us. At Foyer, the principle of honesty is linked to our business model, which is based on high-quality service, something we are constantly seeking to improve.
We always strive to do the best for our clients. This requires us to commit 100%, to go above and beyond.

Pushing your limits is a never-ending quest. Wherever there is room for improvement, we constantly strive to improve and build a sustainable business for the future.
Foyer’s independence is recognised and enables us to provide you with fair and impartial advice.

This independence is a guarantee of our freedom of speech and action.
We are determined to go further than our clients expect.

We are aware that this means trying to meet objectives in an environment where digital transformation is constantly moving the goalposts. To achieve this, our management and our teams must be totally committed.
Integrity means two things to us: being able to set an example and being able to talk about what has gone wrong.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in expressing our choices and our products. Clients will always be offered the most appropriate solutions for their projects and stage of their lives.
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