HR Manager message

Message from the HR Manager

“More than ever, the role of Human Resources is to make sure that the Foyer Group bases its development on the shared values of Trust, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Independence.”


Manager of Human Resources

Managing talents and sharing Group values

Operating for several years in all fields of insurance, Foyer is Luxembourg’s leading insurance company. The integration of CapitalatWork Foyer Group has given the Group a new dimension, combining commercial success and financial ambitions.

Spurred on by these new perspectives, the Foyer Group is, more than ever before, building up its resources in order to grasp the challenge of the future and confirm its leading position in the insurance sector but also to firmly establish itself in the financial sector. The Human Resources department is contributing to the Foyer Group’s strategy and development by implementing efficient HR processes and resources, aimed at a continuing optimisation of employees’ skills.

Continuing enhancement of employees’ skills

Our employees constitute our greatest asset. We want them to develop their capabilities as best as possible. Despite a somewhat turbulent economic environment, Foyer has not hesitated to continue to invest in its human capital. The Human Resources Department is offering an ambitious training programme completed by individual coaching.

Our employees are invited to anticipate the future …

The responsiveness and business dynamism of the Foyer Group are spurred on by a major performance management programme, focusing on responsibility, delegation and management by objectives.

Diversity of skill profiles

The new financial activities make Foyer a company of choice for candidates looking for new challenges. Previously accustomed to attract candidates with an insurance background, we are now receiving more and more high-quality applications from candidates with a banking profile. In addition, the Foyer Group puts a special focus on maintaining perfect harmony with the multicultural nature of a significant portion of its clientele by hiring employees from the Grand Duchy and the neighbouring countries.