Foyer Academy will support you on the way to success

Become a professional insurance agent for Foyer

Take part in the immersive training offered by Foyer Academy to suit your profile and become a Foyer insurance agent.

Tailor-made training

Foyer Academy offers training tailored to your profile to help you develop all the skills of an insurance agent.

Immersive training

You will be immersed in the head office and agency environment so that you can learn your future business in contact with the different departments.

Join the market leader

Once your training has been validated, you will be able to join the leading insurance company in Luxembourg by becoming a Foyer agent.

What have you gained from this training in terms of your current position?

An overview of how Foyer operates. I was able to manage my agency from day one. Fine tuning naturally happens in day to day activities and with experience.
Christian Di Nardo
Agence Di Nardo & Lang

Would you recommend Foyer Academy to people you know? If so, what would be your arguments?

Sure! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to embark on a career as an agent. The training is tailor made and adapted to suit your profile.
Julie Aulner
Agence Aulner & Associés

What are the strengths of the training provided by Foyer Academy?

Familiarisation with tools and procedures and preparation for work in an agency.
Stanley Bozzetti
Agence Nilles & Schosseler
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