Press release   |   03.05.2022

Foyer supports victims of the Ukrainian conflict

True to its values and its commitment to society, Foyer supports the victims of the conflict in Ukraine and has signed a partnership with the Luxembourg Red Cross and the Caritas Luxembourg Foundation.

From left to right: Marc Crochet, Stéphanie Friob, Marc Lauer, François Tesch, Michel Simonis, Luc Scheer

The conflict currently raging in Ukraine leaves no one unmoved and in the face of so many atrocities, Foyer Group could not remain passive. At the instigation of its family shareholders and its Board of Directors, and with the help of its employees and agents, Foyer has decided to actively support the cause of the victims of the Ukrainian conflict with a solidarity contribution of one million euros, which will be implemented over the long term through several targeted actions.

These initiatives range from the signing of two partnerships with humanitarian organisations to taking out insurance for refugees in Luxembourg, to volunteering or collections organised by staff.

A long-term commitment

In their initiatives, Foyer and its shareholders wish above all to be part of the long-term. Indeed, whatever the outcome of this conflict, its resolution promises to be long and painful. To this end, among the actions planned, the Group has chosen to enter into long-term partnerships with two humanitarian organisations active in the field, both in Ukraine and the region, and in Luxembourg: the Luxembourg Red Cross and the Caritas Luxembourg Foundation.

The signing of these partnerships took place on 2 May 2022 at the Group’s premises in Leudelange, in the presence of François Tesch, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Marc Lauer, CEO of Foyer S.A., Michel Simonis, CEO and Luc Scheer, Member of the Executive Committee of the Luxembourg Red Cross, and Marc Crochet, CEO and Stéphanie Friob, Finance Director of Caritas Luxembourg.

In an open collaboration model, the two organisations will propose to Foyer humanitarian and solidarity projects that are important to them in relation to the Ukrainian crisis, which the Group will analyse before validating them. Two projects are already underway, one with the Red Cross, to provide third party liability and fire insurance for housing provided by citizens in Luxembourg for refugees, and the other with Caritas, to support the organisation’s local branch in Moldova, a country bordering Ukraine that is struggling to cope with the influx of displaced people. Other projects will follow, with the aim of providing help and support to those affected by the war.

A responsible insurer

Since the beginning of the conflict, Foyer Group, with the help of its agents, had already taken steps to support its customers who are hosting Ukrainian refugees in their homes or in accommodation they own. These customers and the refugees they host are thus covered by third party liability and fire insurance at no extra cost.

Naturally, Foyer also participates in the effort made by several insurers in Luxembourg to insure the hundreds of cars of Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg.

Solidarity is everyone’s business

For many years, the Group’s employees and agents have been involved in social actions in favour of a wide variety of causes: the environment, poverty, education, microfinance, etc. This surge of solidarity towards the victims of the Ukrainian conflict complements these actions (which are also continuing), notably through collections of essential goods or the possibility for employees to benefit from volunteer hours during working hours. In a world that is more uncertain than ever, these actions in favour of Ukraine, but also for all other causes, are small drops that make big rivers.

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