Press release   |   05.04.2022

Foyer embraces digital accessibility

Foyer launches the accessibility of its digital platforms, making the information on its websites and mobile applications accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or intellectual abilities. While public sector organizations are already legally obliged to make their websites compliant, Foyer is taking the lead and becoming one of the first private sector companies in Luxembourg to adopt digital accessibility.

Ordinateur adapté pour les personnes malvoyantes

What is digital accessibility?

It is the notion that consists in making the information on websites and applications accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or intellectual abilities. The goal of the approach is simple: to make the services accessible, robust, coherent, and easy to use for a maximum of people.

Foyer ahead on the topic

Where public sector organizations are already constrained by a legal obligation to comply (Law of May 28, 2019 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector organizations.), Foyer is also extending its user-centric approach to remove the environmental and social barriers that make disability what it is today.

Starting in 2020, Foyer’s “Pôle UX” began working on updating its designs to incorporate this notion. At the beginning of 2021, a new version of the Foyer Design System was published in this sense.

Today, in its approach as a socially responsible company, Foyer wants to go one step further in this transformation. The Group’s Executive Committee has thus approved the project to better support the digital accessibility of the public website, the customer connected space, as well as the MyFoyer mobile application.

To achieve these adaptations, the team of UX Designers at Foyer can rely on the experience of one of their own, Geoffrey Crofte, who initiated the process and who participated in the proofreading and beta testing of the mobile reference system of the Luxembourg public service. He also contributed, with many French-speaking experts, to the translation into French of the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the international standard for accessible web content.

Finally, to put users at the heart of this work, Foyer has created a User Club open to all its customers, which offers a place for the collection of experiences in order to improve its services. More than ever, inclusiveness in general, and accessibility in particular, are at the heart of Foyer’s digital developments.

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