Sponsoring policy

The pre-conditions

Foyer only supports projects which correspond to the company's values and strategy. Certain areas are excluded from our sponsoring policy. These include:

  • High-risk sporting activities
  • Violent activities
  • Projects of a religious or political nature
  • Festivities which are organised largely around alcohol (e.g. the Oktoberfest and the Fête du Beaujolais)
  • Individual initiatives (e.g. athletes) and/or private events.
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We have been supporting public sporting events for many years and promote participation in sport, particularly running.  Creating a positive team spirit and fair play, but also focusing on performance and achievement, these are the values we share through sporting events.

Foyer is already sponsoring:
We are committed to promoting cultural life in Luxembourg and investing in culture, as it is universal and brings people together around values such as creativity, innovation and sharing.
We support major cultural events such as: Fête de la Musique, Nuit de la Culture, Nuit des Lampions, Nuit des Musées, Invitations aux Musées, etc.

Foyer is already sponsoring:
Alongside our economic commitment and within the framework of our social policy, we have been developing a sponsorship policy over the years by organising numerous campaigns on subjects such as sustainable finance, culture, research, education, humanitarian issues and ecology.

Foyer is already sponsoring:

Local sponsoring

The Foyer Group supports events intended for the general public and is keen to maintain close relationships with its customers. We therefore encourage our network of agents to support local events and organisations such as sports clubs, associations and sporting and cultural federations.

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