Foyer Group has always implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, via, among other things, initiatives to support solidarity projects, employee well-being, an eco-responsible environmental policy, sustainable investments, etc. It is proud to hold the ESR label issued by the INDR and promotes its CSR strategy under the motto “Let’s ensure a better world”.

Let’s ensure a better world

The concept of CSR is one of the cornerstones of the Group’s strategy, with ambitions relating to good governance and regulatory compliance, supervised by its CSR Committee:

The CSR Committee

In relation to governance, Foyer has a CSR Committee structured around the following cross-functional themes:

  • Employee health and well-being
  • Economic value created and distributed
  • Gender equality
  • Social solidarity
  • Environment
The CSR Committee plays an advisory role for the Executive Committee and the Board, and not only ensures the correct application of ESG regulations, but also assesses the positive impact of the Group's business plan on these issues, in line with the expectations of all its stakeholders.

ESR label

Since 4 June 2021, Foyer Group has held the Socially Responsible Company label issued by the INDR, in reward for its efforts to limit its ESG impacts. Foyer also holds the Responsibility Europe label.

To maintain the high standards required for this label, the Group is pursuing a process of continuous improvement in order to limit the impact of its products and services, its operations, its investments and the risks it chooses to underwrite as an insurer.

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