Our history

Foyer was founded on 28 October 1922 by Léon Laval, Max Lambert, Joseph Bach and Max Menager.

Thanks to the quality of its services, Foyer has established itself as Luxembourg's leading insurance provider.

The Group has developed a range of products that offer life and non-life insurance solutions to individuals as well as businesses.

Foyer has branched out since the opening up of the European insurance markets, extending its business activities beyond Luxembourg's borders.

By successfully diversifying its business activities, Foyer has always kept up with the times. In addition to insurance, the Group has a wealth of experience in the financial sector, particularly in stock market brokerage, portfolio management for institutional clients and wealth management advice for its high net worth European clients.

In July 2000, the Foyer Group became the first Luxembourg insurance group to issue shares to the public following the listing of Foyer S.A. on the stock exchange.

Key dates in the group's history