Key dates

1922: Le Foyer, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise d'Assurances S.A. is founded.

1924-1925: Le Foyer expands its activities into France and Belgium.

1982: Le Foyer France is sold to Le Secours.

1986: Europ Assistance Luxembourg is founded. Its shareholders are Europ Assistance France (51%) and Le Foyer Assurances (49%).

1990: The Le Foyer Group is born (as a subsidiary of Le Foyer Finance) following the demerger of Le Foyer, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise, which resulted in the foundation of Le Foyer Assurances and Le Foyer Vie, non-life and life insurance companies respectively.

The Belgian business is sold to Royale Belge.

1992: The group acquires a large shareholding in "BIL-Participations" (subsequently renamed "Luxempart").

1996: Creation of Foyer International S.A.

1997: Creation of Foyer Asset Management.

1998: Le Foyer S.A., the group's future pole of development for its insurance and asset management businesses, is created.

1999: Creation of Le Foyer Santé.

2000: Le Foyer S.A. is listed on the Luxembourg and Brussels stock exchanges.

2005: The company name changes from Le Foyer S.A. to Foyer S.A.

2006: The group's registered office moves from Luxembourg-Kirchberg to Leudelange.

2008: Foyer Patrimonium and Foyer Asset Management merge to form Foyer Patrimonium S.A.

Foyer Assurances’ transfer of its interest in Europ Assistance Luxembourg to Europ Assistance Belgium.

2009: The Foyer Group acquires the CapitalatWork Group.

2010: Creation of La Réassurance du Groupe Foyer S.A.

2011: Foyer Assurances sold its reinsurance captive company Foyer Re S.A. to a French industrial group.

2012: Foyer celebrates its 90th anniversary

Foyer launches its "Global Health" coverage: health insurance tailored to the needs of expatriated workers
Life Insurance: acquisition of International Wealth Insurer's group insurance portfolio
Foyer launches a normal course issuer bid (NCIB) and acquires 83% of shares held by the public
From 1 November, the Group is leaving the Luxembourg and Brussels stock exchanges to become an unlisted company.