Press release   |   25.01.2022

Phishing Alert

In recent days, a fraudulent e-mail has been sent to many people in Luxembourg, claiming to be from « ». The e-mail tells the recipient that a bill has been paid twice and invites them to click on a link for a refund.

We would like to inform our customers and the general public that this is a phishing attack and that Foyer is not the author of this message.

We recommend to all targeted persons to be very careful, as these phishing e-mails are a devious pretext for appropriating one’s personal and sensitive data. Under no circumstances should you reply to these e-mails, click on the links in the e-mail or provide your personal or bank details.

Foyer would also like to point out that this phishing e-mail was sent to various recipients at random from an external platform and that Foyer unfortunately had no way of intercepting the sending of this e-mail. In no case is this mailing based on customer data stored in Foyer’s computer systems, as no third party has access to this data.

The security of our customers’ personal data is and will always be a top priority.

Please remain vigilant!

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