About us

Our mission

« To become a leading player in the financial sector".

Since its foundation, the Foyer Group has become Luxembourg's primary insurance provider thanks to its unerring ability to listen and respond to its customers' needs. Today, the European Union poses many new challenges while at the same time opening up a host of new opportunities.

The Group's mission is to strengthen its leading position on the domestic market while expanding its financial sector services and developing its niche business beyond Luxembourg's borders. To succeed in this mission, the group makes use of Luxembourg's many advantages within this European framework.»

François TESCH

Our values

A business cannot exist without its employees, the men and women who share a business culture based on a set of common values.

The five key values on which the Foyer culture is based are:

  • Trust: we do what we say and we say what we do
  • Excellence: we constantly strive to respond to our clients' needs
  • Innovation: we set ourselves challenges
  • Integrity: we lead by example
  • Independence: we take responsibility