Our mission: to develop our employees’ talents

Support plan

You will have access to a specific support plan at each stage in your career.

Welcome Program

Talent Program

Manager Program

Flexibility & Project Management

Personalised support

At Foyer, we do everything we can to help you to fulfil your aims. An HR Business Partner dedicated to your business will accompany you on your journey and will offer advice on how you can best make progress.

Ongoing training programme

Supporting you in what you love doing is a win-win situation. At Foyer, you will have access to a wide range of options if you want to learn a new skill or develop your know-how.

Our wide range of training programmes is accessible throughout your career and offers an array of possibilities for learning and development.

e-learning courses

29 hours
of training on average per employee each year

56 - 44
56% hard skills - 44% soft skills

Introducing the business lines
Jérémie HANOT

Sales Manager, Employees Benefits, Foyer Assurances
Introducing the business lines

Team Leader, Wealth Management, CapitalatWork Foyer Group
Introducing the business lines
Filipe Moura

Sector Manager, Groupe Foyer

Career development within the Group

Average number of jobs available each year

Every 2 years
Possibility of changing position

Business lines

Anything is possible, whether you want to progress within a business or try a new experience in another team, another department or another Group company without leaving Foyer. All your professional aspirations can be fulfilled here.

Internal mobility


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